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Adapting to Climate Change
"I used to think adaptation subtracted from our efforts on prevention. But I’ve changed my mind. Poor countries are vulnerable and need our help." (Al Gore, in Adapt or Die / The Economist: September 11, 2008)
Mitigation of GHG Emissions.
"Unless we change the direction we are heading, we might end up where we are going." - Chinese Proverb.
Emissions Trading Systems: a Webliography.
This edition of WWWTools for Education continues to explore responses to evidence of climate change. The theme was introduced in Limits of Computer Modeling: Implications for Government Decisionmaking. In this edition we present a webliography supporting a greater understanding of Emissions Trading Systems.
Limits of Computer Modeling: Implications for Government Decisionmaking.
"Those who conflate the science and policy roles of prediction and modeling trade short-term political or public gain with a substantial risk of a more lasting loss of legitimacy and political effectiveness" (Roger A. Pielke Jr )
Interesting Links

Ebooks and Education
"For reliable transmission of knowledge across time and cultures, which technology, that of the medieval book or that of computer media, is more advanced?" (BookNews : July 19, 2007)
Cell / Mobile Phones in Education.
"This technology radically changes the idea of a classroom by extending a student's connection to the learning environment... the whole idea of online education is portability and accessibility, and what could possibly be more portable and more accessible than a cell phone?" Dr. Alan Drimmer
Resources for E-Waste Education.
"Money is not the reason for recycling. We recycle for our future, our children's future, and our grandchildren's future."
Trends from 2007, Projections for 2008... and Beyond.
"Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future." - Niels Bohr
The Meaning of Christmas Education Links
From early pagan roots through to modern times, the significance of Christmas has been the subject of enduring speculation, discussion and debate. In this edition of WWWTools for Education, we present a selection of resources which should help students understand Christmas.
Voice Verification in Education
Voice has long been an integral part of education and societal growth. With today's speech technology capabilities and the increased awareness of speech in education we may be on the verge of another "great leap forward
YouTube for Education
YouTube draws users into the experience of viewing videos and engaging with the content as commentators and creators, activities that heighten students’ visual literacy — an important skill in today’s electronic culture
Elearning Resources K-12
ICT is not only the tools we use today, but the tools we cannot yet imagine – which we will be using tomorrow
Elearning Trends in K-12 Education
"For elearning to work at the K - 12 level, the focus has to be on 'how does technology enhance the learning process'.
Elearning Trends in Higher Education.
Learning is more than just content or delivery software. It needs to be integrated into a broader learning process involving instructional support and collaboration, and designed with emphasis on the learning objectives...
Trends in VET and Vocational Elearning.
learners are demanding continuous learning approaches, which reflect the demands of their work and lifestyle, as classroom learning becomes less appropriate and less relevant to their needs
Webby Awards 2007: Learning Resources.
'I only get five words?...' - David Bowie, upon receiving his Webby Lifetime Achievement Award: one of many 5-word acceptance speeches at the 11th Annual Webby Awards, New York City, June 2007.
Machine Consciousness - Trends and Issues.
Are machines aware of themselves. If they become sentient beings will there be an ethical issue when we "put them to sleep"
Resources for Artificial Intelligence Education.
'If an expert system--brilliantly designed, engineered and implemented--cannot learn not to repeat its mistakes, it is not as intelligent as a worm or a sea anemone or a kitten.' - Oliver G. Selfridge
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